06.17.17 75% Day – Good Enough

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While 75% is not a target I would choose, as it turns out, it can sometimes be good enough.  Lemme splain.

Saturday the 17th was a beautiful, sunny, warm(real close to hot but not humid so not miserable) day with tons of possibilities.  Ride, train, tour gardens, binge Netflix — possibilities abound.  Fortunately the day unfolded for me as a great ‘outside’ day; I even got some natural vitamin D.  By the time I was fully dressed, shoes and all, for the garden tour, Debra is almost home and decides riding is feasible after all.  So shifting into quick-change mode, total apparel swapout.  Sanita clogs are great for wandering about, but not good for catching horses or riding.  Quick swallowing of  some yogurt that passes for breakfast.  Gear in truck, and with Jay’s wonderful help a speedy departure accomplished.  I did notice that when the Watauga red light required a moderately hard stop (why do they always turn yellow right after I’ve decided I’ll have plenty of time to make it?), I thought I detected the smell of “brakes”.  ???

Of course she was relaxing and not doing anything useful, probably binge watching Netflix.  She hadn’t caught the horses or anything!  Good help is so hard to find.  Actually not too bad was Clem this time.  I’ve seen much worse.  I did get to walk into the upper field, but she relented surprisingly early.  Of course, Prylie was in her pocket almost immediately.  On the way down to the grooming station, she noticed that Prylie was missing a front shoe.  So, we decided to spend the time practicing loading, hauling, and unloading.  Texted Jay to check in; he said he found what looked like a brake-shoe where my left rear tire had been parked.  Hmm.  Horses in the round-pen while we get ready.  While clearing access to the trailer, she noticed that one of the tires was real close to flat; easy fix – she has air on-site.  She moves the 4-wheeler and goes to the garage while I back up the truck.  I did NOT pull the trailer out – up and around the flatbed (which should NOT ever be allowed to block a HORSE TRAILER).  Not a problem for her, fortunately.  Air in tires, but wait . . . what’s that noise?  Hmm, oh the valve stem is cracked on the flat tire, which explain the flatness.  Oh well, we can still practice but the actual hauling will have to be kept short as the tire will not hold full pressure and not sure how fast it will deflate.  Still, we press onward.

Prylie was excellent.  Clem was not happy that she had to be the ‘training wheels’, but she complied with only three piles in the trailer.  Lots of on and off, and on and off, and then we went for a nice short ride.  No problems at all.  Prylie did call out a few times, once at the neighbor horses as we went by them.  Turn in the Y at the church and back home we went.  Turns out 3 of 4 (fully inflated) tires is good enough, for today.  More off and on, off and on.  He prefers to turn to unload if he has the option, but will back off just fine IF he is prevented from turning!

Still plenty of day and sun, so she decided that a short ride would be ok, nothing on the road.  Groom, tack up, and off we go, hoping to avoid any bear encounters for sure.  So MUCH cooler in the woods.  It was beautiful, peaceful, and such a simple blessing.  Ups, downs, arounds, and back with zero issues.  That’s what I call a success.  Turns out 3 of 4 shoes is good enough, for today.

Just as reinforcement, more loading and unloading practice.  This time without Clem on board.  Success.  A little clover and then turned the horses out.  She sprayed off and out the trailer, while I supervised and minded the hose a little.  Got some yummy veggies from the FarmBoy.  A little trepidation regarding the brakes, but headed for home.  Made it just fine.  Turns out 3 of 4 (fully functioning) brakes is good enough, for today.

All in all, 75% made for a great day of enjoying some of God’s wondrous creation:  the sights of the beautiful woods, mountains, and creeks; the sounds of birds and not much else; the smell of lightly sweaty horses.

Tri-State Horse & Mule Sale 05.03.14 Results

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Curiously, the name has changed from “…Draft Horse & Mule Sale” to “…Horse & Mule Sale”.  I fear that is a reflection of the fact that the sale continues to represent more of a horse sale than a draft or mule sale.  Not necessarily a bad thing I suppose, but I miss the heavies as they seem to be dwindling significantly.  More and more stock and saddle types rather than the big boys (and girls).

The turnout continues to be good, maybe even better each year.  The sale ring had been modified to allow more seating and more ‘show’ space for the exhibitors.  That was a win for sure.  I’m thinking there was an Auctioneer Free Meal somewhere that afternoon because they were on task for sure, which I did appreciate.  Not nearly as much dead time calling for someone to get their horse to the gate.  If the number called wasn’t in line, they went to the next one post-haste.

Slightly fewer No Shows, but more No Sales than last year.  I have no idea what the norm is for that.  The “show” exhibition style has caught on, I guess as sellers notice those “shows” bring in the cash.  The showmanship was not limited to the Raber family this year.  There were several exhibitors who made the effort to ‘show off’ their offering, much to the delight of the crowd.  The hot trick this year was to “throw” the horse from the saddle.  That’s a little over the top for me since I don’t see this as ever being of any practical use.  I can’t imagine what circumstance would require me to get a horse down, WHILE I’m in the saddle.  I’d just as soon get off for that.  Yes I know it does show a level of trust and cooperation from the horse, ok.  I definitely support the training of the horse to go down on command, as that is definitely practical.  It’s the doing it from the saddle that’s seems a little like fluff to me.  Of course I clapped profusely anyway.  There were still the tarps, whips, and standing in the saddle parts too.

Sadly there were five sales for $50 or less.  35 sales between $1000 and $2000.  The average price was $792 this year; up 35% over last year’s $588.  Some stats below, from MY notes; definitely not anything official.


This Year v Last Year, of those who sold:

Type  Year   Sales $  % Diff Sales $ Count % Diff Count
Horse 2014  $     72,240 235.22% 81 170.00%
2013  $     21,550 30
Draft 2014  $     31,525 3.53% 26 -36.59%
2013  $     30,450 41
Mule 2014  $     13,200 -58.56% 22 -65.08%
2013  $     31,850 63
Pony 2014  $       9,855 39.29% 28 100.00%
2013  $       7,075 14
Donkey 2014  $       2,050 -62.39% 8 -50.00%
2013  $       5,450 16
Bovine 2014  $       3,400 2
Total 2014  $   132,270 37.25% 167 1.83%
2013  $     96,375 164


Yes, that says Bovine.  There was a team of Oxen, and they were adorable.

Sold / No Show / No Sale Dollars Count % Count
No Show  $      – 24 10.76%
No Sale  $   25,695 32 14.35%
Sold  $ 132,270 167 74.89%
Grand Total  $ 157,965 223 100.00%


Of the 167 that sold:

Type Dollars Count % Count Average Price
Horse  $        72,240 81 48.50%  $         891.85
Draft  $        31,525 26 15.57%  $      1,212.50
Mule  $        13,200 22 13.17%  $         600.00
Pony  $          9,855 28 16.77%  $         351.96
Bovine  $          3,400 2 1.20%  $      1,700.00
Donkey  $          2,050 8 4.79%  $         256.25
Grand Total  $      132,270 167 100.00%  $         792.04


Top Sellers This Year:

Breed Price
QH  $               5,400
Draft X  $               3,600
Paint  $               3,300
Belgian  $               3,000
Belgian  $               3,000


Maybe just me but it seemed there were fewer vendors this year and they cleared out earlier on Saturday.  That’s when I like to shop.  Of all the nerve.  All in all a good way to spend a Saturday, for me anyway.


Tri-State Draft Horse & Mule Sale 04.27.13 Results

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Cool and breezy it was for the sale on Saturday, April 27, 2013.  I thought it was an exceptionally good turnout.  It seemed to me that the flow was better than ever this year.  A timely start led into a pretty steady flow throughout the day.  There were a few statements made early on indicating that sellers should PAY ATTENTION and get their horses to the gate on time or be skipped.  Any sellers skipped because they weren’t ready would have to wait until the end of the sale to go.  They didn’t exactly adhere to that strictly, but it did seem better.

Still a disappointing amount of No Shows and No Sales, but better than last Spring.  I guess there’s just no getting around that.  As usual the Raber family was there with their “show” horses for sale.  They did very well, taking the only sales over $2000.  Top seller was a Palomino QH from the Raber family that went for $4000.


 Sold  /  No Show  /  No Sale  Dollars  Count  % Count
 No Show  $      –  33 14.80%
 NSale  $   12,400  26 11.66%
 Sold  $   96,375  164 73.54%
 Grand Total  $ 108,775  223 100.00%

Of the 164 that sold:

 Type Count % Count
 Mule 63 38.41%
 Draft 41 25.00%
 Horse 30 18.29%
 Donkey 16 9.76%
 Pony 14 8.54%
 Grand Total 164 100.00%

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06.07.13 IronWoMan Ride

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IronWoMan – Woman of Stihl.  No, not me; that would be the other one.  I had to wait and hold Clem (Delicate Flare and all) while she cleared brush out of the trail so Winston – Pocket Pony could get up the trail.  She’s pretty good at it too, but boy is she slow.  We tried not to complain but we failed.

We had a great and uneventful ride; we opted for the out and back rather than a loop.  The weather was fantastic.  There were a few spots where the horseflies were bad but overall, insects weren’t a big concern.  We didn’t see a single automobile, but did pass a horse & rider who seemed terribly unnerved by Scout, then by us.  They were both male so I didn’t waste time trying to figure out what the problem was.  Possibilities were endless and I had better things to fill my day, like riding.  The trail was VERY overgrown and poor Winston could barely find his way in several spots, but somehow we made it.

Here’s the pictures from the day.  I forgot about having my killer-camera, aka S3, with me until we were done.  Otherwise I would have taken more and hopefully BETTER shots.  Oh well, maybe next time.

2013 Super Bowl Clydesdale

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Check out this Super Bowl commercial: