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06.07.13 IronWoMan Ride

June 11th, 2013

IronWoMan – Woman of Stihl.  No, not me; that would be the other one.  I had to wait and hold Clem (Delicate Flare and all) while she cleared brush out of the trail so Winston – Pocket Pony could get up the trail.  She’s pretty good at it too, but boy is she slow.  We tried not to complain but we failed.

We had a great and uneventful ride; we opted for the out and back rather than a loop.  The weather was fantastic.  There were a few spots where the horseflies were bad but overall, insects weren’t a big concern.  We didn’t see a single automobile, but did pass a horse & rider who seemed terribly unnerved by Scout, then by us.  They were both male so I didn’t waste time trying to figure out what the problem was.  Possibilities were endless and I had better things to fill my day, like riding.  The trail was VERY overgrown and poor Winston could barely find his way in several spots, but somehow we made it.

Here’s the pictures from the day.  I forgot about having my killer-camera, aka S3, with me until we were done.  Otherwise I would have taken more and hopefully BETTER shots.  Oh well, maybe next time.

08.14.11 Beat the Rain Ride

August 27th, 2011

Great afternoon ride.  Everett / Priley, FJ / Frisco, Debra / Clem, Jay / PB, me / TLH.  After church and lunch, we met, saddled up, and rode out with a questionable forecast before us.  Although the sky was bright, FJ had stared into the sun and proclaimed rain, but he didn’t give us a timeline for the rain.  After some debate, we went for it.

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Floppy Helmet Ride 07.10.11

July 10th, 2011

Nice warm July day for a trail ride.  Fortunately not AS hot as I feared, very thankful for that.  Our merry band of misfits today:  Debra with Queen Clem, Farmer John and Pretty Boy,
Walker took Priley out for a spin, Jay was delighted with the lovely Misty Belle (the Southern kind), and I had the privilege of the ever-awesome, TLH.  We did the short loop in two hours, plus maybe five minutes.
The trails are very thick now with all sorts of greeneries(I know, not really a word – my spell check is blowing a gasket). » Read more: Floppy Helmet Ride 07.10.11

06.14.11 Skinny Chestney Ride

June 16th, 2011

Rush home after work for change of clothes, eat a bite of salad, then off to ride for a bit.
We’re enjoying wonderful weather at present.  It is beautifully warm, not hot, and so light and breezy.  The humidity is low and it is so comfortable.  I actually took a long sleeve shirt just in case.  Was on the verge of donning it by the time we got done.
Walker and Skinny did great.  Think this counts as Skinny’s first trail ride.  He was alert to things around him, but not concerned.  There were some challenges – barking dogs, romping horses – but they both handled everything very well.  Skinny seemed comfortable leading or following along.  Never thought twice, that I could tell, about crossing the creek.  Seemed to be happy with the twisted shank grazing bit with a leather curb.  I look forward to many more rides with Mr. Chestney.
I felt like a celebrity.  Walker had the horses all ready to tack up when I arrived.  I think I was the first one on!  Trees are in full leaf now, just beautiful.  Trekking down the Sherwood was splendid.  It’s almost a magical part of the forest and I love the smell of pines.  We live in such a beautiful part of the world.  I am thankful for this evening spent in it.
Tried at least 30 times to get some pics.  No good.  I could not take a single pic that was discernable and I knew what I was looking at!  Oh well.

06.05.11 Clyde Ride

June 7th, 2011

As in Clydesdale.  Took Kate out for a spin today.  She gets A’s and F’s.  A’s for her behavior and cooperation.  F’s for her condition and health.
Don’t know what her condition is specifically, but she roars big time.  Didn’t seem to actually stress her even though it was very hot, but not knowing her any other way is hard to tell.  Can’t hold that against her.

She was very easy to get along with especially considering her throatlatch was spliced and tied oddly onto her head and her bit was too small.  I had flashbacks of my Eastin Clyde!!!  While she was very interested in the other horses and kept a sharp eye out for them, she never quickened her pace to catch up without my ok and encouragement.  She has a big trot and very comfortable stride.  Not a flat walker, but comfortable.  We never considered canter. » Read more: 06.05.11 Clyde Ride